The mission of International Forum of Management Scholars is to unify management scholars all over the world to foster excellence in education and research, to advance knowledge, and support practice in all business and related disciplines. The organization has a vision to become a premier global institution that represents professional interests and advances knowledge of all management educators, researchers and practitioners irrespective of nationality and country of origin.




  • to facilitate a global networking among the membership of International Forum of Management Scholars

  • to provide a platform for sharing experience and knowledge between academic-to-academic, academic-to-business, and business-to-business fraternity

  • to enhance academia-industry interaction and integration

  • to disseminate information on the latest management thinking

  • to disseminate information on development in business education and teaching in academia

  • to extend and integrate knowledge that contributes to the improved understanding of the world of business

  • to recognize outstanding management educators and researchers

  • to be a “home” organization for management scholars all over the world



  • Annual conferences

  • Research journal publication: International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management (

  • Linking Management schools all over the world

  • Management development seminars for industry

  • Faculty development seminars for educators

  • Member achievements

  • Online working papers

  • Online membership directory

  • Linking INFOMS with other professional bodies

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