In order to carry out the activities of INFOMS widely as well as within the campuses of institutes/ universities, management institutes can create Institutional Chapters. While keeping the mission and vision of INFOMS in mind, an Institutional Chapter can perform activities like organizing regional conferences, expert talks, student competitions, social events, and publications.

This will help students develop managerial skills along with academic caliber and social development.


  • Institute Branding as a Chapter of INFOMS
  • Enforced creation of academic environment with focused research, learning and social commitments
  • Visibility in the international arena through publicity on the web portal of INFOMS
  • Development of managerial skills through event organization
  • Additional discount in the registration fee of INFOMS conferences


  • Institute/ university must be an Institutional Member valid for a minimum of three years at the time of applying for Institutional Chapter. Please visit for the requirement and benefits of an Institutional Member.
  • A minimum of five individual members valid for a minimum of three years at the time of applying for Institutional Chapter. Please visit for the requirements and benefits of an Individual Member.
  • Although it is expected that each student must be a member, a minimum of 25 Chapter Student members are required at the time of applying for Institutional Chapter. This is a special category of membership exclusively for Institutional Chapters. They get a 50% discount on membership, and entry fee will be waived. The International Journal on Operations and Quantitative Management (IJOQM) and INFOMS International Journal of Management (IIJM) for all members will be delivered to the Faculty Secretary

Chapter Constitutional Structure:

The following positions are required as per roles defined:

Faculty President: He/ She will be responsible for providing required infrastructural and financial support required to carry out the various activities of an Institutional Chapter. Typically, the Head of the Institute will hold this position.

Faculty Secretary: He/ She will be responsible for,

  • Promoting membership
  • Planning and Executing various activities along with the student committee
  • Serving as a single point of contact between the HO and institute for reporting
  • Maintaining accounting records and reporting to the HO

Student President: He/ She will be working as per directions of the Faculty Secretary and will be responsible for,

  • Motivating students to become members of INFOMS
  • Building a team to execute activities planned in coordination with the Faculty Secretary
  • Supporting the Faculty Secretary in any financial sponsorship required

Student Secretary: He/ She will be working as per directions of the Faculty Secretary and will be responsible for,

  • Monitoring event schedules as planned
  • Maintaining accounts of the institutional chapter
  • Preparing event reports and submitting these to the media and the Faculty Secretary


The chapter MUST organize the following mandatory activities:

  • Regional conference/s: In order to promote research, the institutional chapter must organize at least one regional conference per calendar year. INFOMS will promote this conference through mailers.
  • Expert talks: For the academic development of students as well as faculty members of institutional chapters, organize expert talks delivered by subject experts must be organized. INFOMS will be able to organize at least two expert talks through video presentations delivered by experts from reputed institutes of India or abroad. The Institutional Chapter must plan at least one expert talk every two months.
  • Student Competition: Various competitions including debates on recent technical/ non-technical topics, group discussions, games related to stock markets and business plans can be executed. Institutes can also plan the Summer Internship Competition, which can be extended to the national competition, AISIC, which is generally organized by INFOMS. It is expected that Institutional Chapter will organize at least one such event every two months.
  • Social events: CSR goes hand-in-hand with business. To support our environment and low-income communities, members should involve themselves in activities such as tree plantation, Swachh Abhiyan or cleanliness related activities, blood donation drives, etc. At least two such events should be planned per calendar year.
  • Industrial relations: It is very important for students to develop relations with the industrial sector as that is their next stop. To achieve this, the chapter should organize industrial visits to companies of their related sectors. At least one such industrial visit should be organized per calendar year.

Process to Apply for Institutional Chapter:

(a)    Email us an application along with,

  • Cover Letter showing your willingness to start an institutional chapter, promising to provide the required resources and plans to organize events as expected

  • High quality institute logo and small institute write up (approximately 200 words)

  • Proof of Membership (Institutional, Individual and Student)

  • Recommended details (name, email address and contact number) of Constituting Committee (Faculty President, Faculty Secretary, Student President and Student Secretary)

(b)   After a quick review, INFOMS (HO) will send an approval along with an Institutional Chapter Certificate. HO will also design a special page of the institutional chapter on the INFOMS website

Communication Between HO and Institutional Chapter:

  • Tentative activity plan for a calendar year (within one month of receiving approval)

  • Activity report (in word format and 2-3 pictures) within one week of completion of each activity

  • Details of all associated members of Institutional Members - every January

  • Account for each calendar year – submitted to HO every January

  • Revised details of constituting committee members – within a week after revision

Terms and Conditions:

  • In order to execute planned events, a Chapter Institute can collect donations, registration fees, and contributions from internal as well as external sources as a Chapter Institute of INFOMS. Surplus/shortfall, if any, will be the sole responsibility of the Institute hosting the Institutional Chapter.

  • Institutional Chapter will not collect or borrow on behalf of INFOMS

  • Wherever required, the Institutional Chapter may use the logo of INFOMS with the exact same color and aspect ratio, while maintaining that it is not smaller than other logos presented along with it.


  • If an Institute fails to maintain the required number of members
  • If an Institute fails to organize the required events
  • If an Institute fails to submit accounts on time
  • If INFOMS receives a request from the Faculty Director to close the Institutional Chapter